"Boxed In" Instagram Art Show

August 26, 2014

The first cleverly devised virtual gallery aspired and generated by the Bay Area’s very own Girafa, allowed fans from around the world to purchase several original pieces through an Instagram profile. In addition to the artist’s more familiar profile, @LongNeck4Life, a separate account, @HabitatGallery, had been created to “house” Girafa’s future art.

Saturday, August 9th, 2014 marked the opening of the online gallery and premiered Girafa’s opening collection, “Boxed In.” The collection featured 12 original, hand developed pieces available for purchase through several free methods: Paypal, Venmo, and Square Cash. Through careful communication, each potential buyer was able to communicate directly through Direct Message with the artist.

Girafa’s intent behind developing an online gallery was to give fans, who would not otherwise have access, the availability to view and purchase affordable artwork. Although all pieces have been purchased, the collection will be available for viewing until September 4, 2014. The success of the virtual @Habitatgallery originated by Girafa, has left us eager to see what the artist will create next.