Instagram Scavenger Hunt

April 14, 2015

Just before I deleted my social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook), I had created a Scavenger Hunt for my fans on Instagram. A unique word puzzle was posted on my account that was part of a week long #ForwardToThePast project. The words hidden in the puzzle served as clues to a riddle that participating fans needed to solve in order to locate the Bay Area geographical location of the hidden item. The winner that found and posted all the correct words in the word puzzle was given a Direct Message through Instagram with a scavenger hunt map I created. They would then need to confirm the location of the prize by matching the scavenger hunt map to the geographical location the riddle referenced. The winner who earned the map had 2 weeks to locate the hidden, one-of-kind item: a Girafa, hand-painted, DIY Kidrobot Rafffy figure. Within one week the item was located by @BayAreaWanderer and @Hypurban, ending the scavenger hunt. The subsequent action of revoking my social media accounts were influenced by a few personal reasons; one of which is, the importance of knowing when to walk away from something, so you can be free from attachments and begin to move forward. I look to the future for opportunities to create new and exciting works available to view through outlets other than social media.