Interacting with my fans

April 27, 2016

I’ve always tried to evoke a sense of playfulness with every piece of work I’ve created, whether it be on a canvas or outside. As a means of including my fans in the same adventures I’ve enjoyed throughout my life, I created several pieces that allowed my fans to interact with my art in a unique way. My first attempt at this began with my piece, “Where’s Girffaldo,” a play off the infamous hidden adventure books of “Where’s Waldo.” Just like the book, my fans needed to find where he was hidden. Without any hints to the location, I posted a photo of the piece and waited to see if it could be found (and it was!). Just before creating what would be my next interactive idea, I created a piece that would symbolize my fan’s determination to go hunting for my work as I watched and waited: Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther. I found it to be a very fitting tribute :)  I created my next idea soon after, but this time it couldn’t just be about finding what I had hidden.  I wanted to do something that was unique and hadn’t been done before. So, I designed and created several cardboard Mr. Potato Head pieces that would attach by velcro onto a painted Mr. Potato Head body portrait. Just as before, my fans received the news of the hidden piece, only this time they had to attach the Mr. Potato Head parts to his body to complete it.

As graffiti becomes more accessible by sharing on social media platforms, it’s becoming more difficult to create something that stands as being unique and truly engaging. The work I created was less about producing something for myself and more about creating an experience for my fans.