Looking back to the year 2005

July 27, 2015

Wow, time moves like a cheetah and I've stopped to realize it's been 10 years since I created that long neck you've all gotten to know over the years. I wanted to share the beginning process of my characters image and give some insight on the first steps of this continuous journey. I first began with a rough sketch of a giraffe and eventually modified it to my liking, making little tweeks and adjustments along the way. Next, I inked 4 different variations of the character, then xerox copied them onto white label sheets which then could be cut out and peeled away into stickers. Not long after, I chose to stick to a front and quarter angle view. From these revised editions, I scanned and vectorized my drawings to give it a cleaner look. The pictures below feature one of the first sticker sets I created: an image of my giraffe with the statement "12 STATES IN 20 DAYS.” I used these stickers as a marker of all the different places I had traveled to as I toured the nation with musician Buckethead in 2005. Though the process of vectorizing was a valuable tool when I first began creating stickers, I later migrated to hand drawn designs. Hand drawing stickers has afforded me the possibility to create endless versions of my giraffe; a significant process I still use today.