Omo the Rare White Giraffe

January 27, 2016

I recently found out about a rare white giraffe named "Omo" that roams the Tarangire National Park, in Tarzania. She has a genetic condition named "leucistic" which means many of her body surface cells are incapable of making pigment. What touches me most about this story is how fellow giraffes in the herd don’t mind her uniqueness and she stands tall with the rest of them. She’s believed to be the only one of her kind which makes her extremely rare but also puts her at risk of being sought after by poachers. This recent news has quickly reminded me of how I painted white giraffes all throughout cities and open landscapes, years and years ago. Maybe Omo was channeling her awareness even before officially arriving... Who knows? What I do know is the Wild Nature Institute will need help keeping Omo safe and protected to ensure she can live a long, beautiful life. As a contribution to the Wild Nature Institute’s cause, I will be donating 50% of the sales from my newly created Omo awareness air freshener. Currently they are available for pre-order in a limited amount in my online store. Please show your support by purchasing "The Rare White Giraffe" air freshener and showcasing it proudly in your car so she can continue to Stand Tall and Live Long!