So long parodies!

April 27, 2016

The wave of parody/mashup art has swept over like a tsunami in recent times; its popularity on social media platforms (i.e. “Instagram”) has lead to over saturation in the art community. I can admit, I’ve traveled down this path myself. Over the past 10 years a majority of my illegal and gallery art has depicted an enmeshment of my giraffe with characters of popular culture. Associating my giraffe with familiar and easily recognizable characters gave me a creative way to expand on my work and connect with a much wider audience. Although I’ve really enjoyed my time making giraffe parodies, its time for me to migrate on.

I’ve put the parody work I was doing to rest with a few exceptions and have returned to focusing on original work and new ideas, some of which I’ve been gradually showing. My vision has always been to continue to grow and expand on the foundation I’ve built for myself in the past 10 years. I’ve included some photos of past work (illegal work, illustrations, paintings) I’ve done that are parodies.