Super Bowl 50

February 7, 2016

A few weeks ago I received an email from CBS with the subject line "Mural" containing a brief message asking if I was interested in painting a mural as a backdrop for a Super Bowl televised interview. I called the provided phone number and spoke with a New York producer from CBS to get more information. The producer was looking for a Bay Area artist with a graffiti background to paint a 10' x 8' canvas that was to be used as a backdrop for the halftime performers Coldplay and Beyoncé for their pre-game interview. I was given artistic freedom in designing a mock up. I wanted to create a piece that would incorporate Coldplay's recent aesthetic. I looked at Coldplay's website and social media platforms to get a general idea of what stood out to me; a colorful rainbow palate and the sense of being up into the air. With only a few days to get this project done I purchased a large canvas roll, sketched my design and also did a digital mock up. I submitted my design and was asked to hold tight before I got started due to the numerous required approvals. When it came down to the end, all the approvals were granted from CBS but unfortunately, the performers Coldplay (having the final say) didn't approve the design. It was a great oppurnity and a chance to share my art with lots of viewers so, thank you CBS for contacting me! I feel honored.

Super Bowl 50_1.jpg